She Moved To Paris

About two weeks ago I moved across the world for the second time this year. Living in Paris has been a dreamlike ideal that I think I’ve held since I was incredibly young. There’s an inherent sexiness to it that seems unmatched by any other city I’ve been to, it’s effortlessly chic, and full of history and culture. It’s the dream and I’m reminded of that each morning when I walk out onto the street and look up.


Moving in was a breeze and our apartment is a big step up from your average dorm room (though our kitchen is close to nonexistent) I can’t complain even a little though because wow I have a stunning fireplace (that I can’t use, but that doesn’t matter) and two floor to ceiling windows that open out with baby balconies to look out at the street.

sweet little room details

sweet little room details

Getting into a routine especially in the mornings has been so important for me when I’ve moved to a new place. It creates a sense of grounding, of knowing and if anything else control and ease. For me, the mornings here have been so special, I somehow haven’t gotten into the habit of staying up super late yet so I’ve been waking up pretty early everyday (it also helps that we have construction on our street starting at 7am sharp every. single. day.) Taking the time in the morning to make a proper breakfast or smoothie and make my own coffee is something I’ve been trying to make habitual so that I can, even for five minutes, open up my windows, sit and look out and up. Watching Paris in the morning while drinking my coffee from the comfort of my own bedroom is absolute bliss, and damn. what a way to start the day. I’m starting to sound like a morning person…maybe people do change.

Paris has been a dream so far and I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be here, I’ll be blogging a lot more in the coming months about Paris, Parisian culture and fashion and per usual, yours truly.

Finally I’d like to just say a big thank you to all of the lovely people that I’m lucky enough to have as a support system, truly it means the world.



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