Fall Trend Report: Paris

It’s been a little over a month since I moved to Paris and since arriving I’ve been trying to watch it, to eat it, to breath it and to photograph it as much as I possibly can. I think that there’s a special “honeymoon” period when you move somewhere entirely new - the smallest acts of kindness or discovery become treasures that you take with you throughout the rest of your day, you are excited to walk out your front door everyday no matter how early or cold, especially here, it’s hard to not romanticize every single thing. Needless to say, Paris is just as I’ve experienced it in the past, but living here has allowed me to find my “spots” and not feel rushed or guilty for spending too much or too little time somewhere that should be significant in a cultural context. I’ve been taking my time, drinking it up, stopping for an aperol after classes alone just to sit and watch it all happen in front of me, savoring that in this moment, I’m a part of it.

One of my favorite parts of being here is getting to watch trends emerge in real time and know that are moving out into the world from the center of Paris. It’s beautiful, it’s global reaching and I’m here to throw some of them at you.

animal prints.

Animal prints, specifically cheetah and leopard are the new black over here, and that’s hardly an exaggeration. Animal prints are back and appear to be here to stay for a time. As someone that aggressively hated animal prints up until this point, even I can admit I’ve been eyeing (faux) leopard jackets and (faux) snakeskin boots for the past few weeks, debating whether to cave and splurge, admitting that these prints are actually hot shit. The Zara dress linked and pictured above is a great, simple piece that’s easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe and can be easily dressed up with a pair of heels or down with some cool sneakers. Below is linked a stunning Cheetah coat by The Kooples.

I love the playfulness in this piece and would 100% wear one of these as the weather turns (or plunges) to cooler temps.

baby blue coat.

Winter’s coming kids, you might want to hop on board for this one. I’m a coat girl. I have too many and I always want more - it’s that one item I’ve found too many times at thrift stores and can’t justify not getting because I’ll “never find one like this again”. Well, here's another one to add to the collection. Baby blue has been a prominent coat color here though I’ve had a hard time tracking down where to actually buy one, so I turned to my time back in Sweden, the land of monochrome and chic coats and to no surprise found this sweet wool number (linked above) at Filipa K. I love the subtlety of it and equally so the statement of this pale color pop.

fall colors.

These two colors have been hard to miss since arriving. Mustard and emerald are thriving.

string belts.

Shoestring belts remind be of what I associate with angsty art bois, however I’ve been seeing variations on rope belts / string belts on some chic as hell people here and I actually super dig it. Linked above is a pair of pants from a equally bougie and prominent French brand that I am in love with called Cotelac. I love that this trend is very DIY and you don’t have to go out and commit to anything. Tie it on, see how it feels and if you’re not about it you can just string that baby back onto your shoe.

western boots with angled heel.

These babies are fun. I’m all about them and you should be too. I’ve been seeing western boots everywhere and found them to be especially prominent during Paris Fashion Week. I love that these can be easily dressed up or down and add a touch of “trendiness” to any outfit without being aggressive also they’re a great alternative to a pair of heels which I absolutely adore since I walk everywhere here and heels have become a bit impractical. Linked above are boots from The Kooples as well as 24 Sevres - I think that all three are unique and beautiful and can transition seasonally as well as contextually, a dream come true.



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