Fall Fashion Report: Sweden

About a month down living, eating, breathing Sweden. Since moving here I’ve become well acquainted with what seems to be almost a uniform of sorts. The women here especially dress in a manner that seems often reflected in most of the other women on the street. It’s very minimal, it’s very clean and most of all it’s highly monochromatic and dependent on basics. I’ve complied the things that I see in Swedish fashion on a daily basis, the “Swedish girl” look if you will, unintentionally all but one of these brands is Swedish---I think that's a testament to the level of demand for these items (or maybe I'm just unconsciously in a Sweden mood). I always love being exposed to the street style of cities that I admire and I hope that this will provide a small view into my experience of Swedish fashion. 

Millennial pink is THRIVING in Sweden. Aside from indigo blue it's one of the only colors I've actually seen continuously throughout my time here. This coat is so dreamy to me and I'd love to have one but alas, maybe one day. I pulled it from the Acne Studios site (linked in photo) because I think that it does a beautiful job of portraying both color, shape and feel of what I've admired about Swedish fashion. 

Never have I seen so many women in black trousers, maybe if I'm directly in front of a corporate business building downtown Minneapolis or NYC but 20 somethings wearing them as a staple? never. In the U.S. I'd opt for a black skinny jean or mom jean for daily wear, but I'm feeling more and more inclined to make the jump into being a trouser wearer? Stay tuned on that one I guess. Linked in the photo are a pair of wool trousers (because Sweden is cold) from Swedish designer Filippa K that I think are hot shit.  

You thought it was edgy to wear your white shoes in the U.S.? Sorry kids, I did too but unfortunately for me I all but blend in in my all white adidas. These ones I think are a touch different enough from the norm with the pop of color and velcro straps while still staying true to the Swedish aesthetic. Might buy these babies. Linked in photo. 

I can honestly say that every morning when I take the bus I am most defiantly one of three if not the only girl not sporting a black structured tote. I don't know how they do it. Women that can fit their whole life into a tote amaze me. Do you periodically take breaks and put the bag down? do you switch between shoulders ever 10 steps? I can't do it or I will break my body, but the Swedes seem to dig it. It was initially odd to see young high schoolers also carrying bags I usually associate with late 20 somethings with a real career or something. Whatever, they rock it. The bag pictured is more my version of what that bag might look like, smaller, more unique in shape and not Calvin Klein. The brand that I pulled this bag from, & Other Stories is also Swedish and the bag is linked in the image. 

There it is. Your Swedish fall trend report by yours truly.

Happy shopping (or just looking) !