The Swedish Way

after living in Sweden for almost a month, here's a list of 25 things that are just a little different than what we've got going on in the states along with other observations + experiences

  1. EVERYONE is beautiful
  2. No tipping?
  3. The showers flood the entire bathroom
  4. IKEA is basically the answer to anything, it’s like a prettier, more overwhelming target.
  5. There might be more salons per capita than anywhere else (this is probably entirely inaccurate, however it seems that there are about 2-4 salons on each block)
  6. $400 is an insane amount of money to pay for rent in a city center for a studio with two rooms (looking at you Bard…)
  7. Buying alcohol: there is only one place to purchase alcohol. It is highly regulated and you must present your passport, also the wine is CHEAP and amazing 
  8. Being able to buy alcohol (I’m still 20 so thanks USA)
  9. Reading menus is a shitshow 
  10. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wearing anything with a print on it, like every clothing item is a solid color, Scandinavia THRIVES on monochrome.
  11. Most of the time when I buy something at the grocery store I don’t actually know what I’m buying  
  12. No amazon prime 
  13. Millennial pink is even bigger here than the US.
  14. The word “colleague” is used so so so much.
  15. In order to do anything you must stand in a ‘queue’ and have a ticket with a number on it and you just have to wait.
  16. There’s a seemingly excessive amount of coffee breaks. For my classes the professors typically announce a coffee break every 30 minutes.
  17. Everyone wears a raincoat EVERYDAY
  18. Cars stop for you like 100 ft away
  19. There’s a strong stereotype with Americans as always saying ‘Hi’ to strangers and being overly friendly.
  20. Black structured tote bags on the arm of literally every girl on the street. 
  21. I’ve never seen more fake lashes 
  22. I can’t eavesdrop anymore, another reason to learn Swedish maybe.
  23. Leather jackets always 
  24. I say “I’m so sorry but I don’t speak Swedish” about 50 times a day
  25. Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics.
Coco Wagnersweden2 Comments