Morocco Part I: Marrakech

Morocco was absolute magic, it was beyond what I could have imagined. Everything from the architecture, to the food, to the tiles, to the (I could go on forever), were breathtaking. We arrived in Marrakech late at night, and were brought to our first riad. Something i learned quickly is that sometimes the smallest, and (seemingly) most insignificant doors in the medina open up to the most incredible riads, stores, restaurants, or what have you. Our first riad, El Fenn, was the absolute example, once the door opened high, brightly colored rooms were connected in a maze of a palace, I was in awe to say the least.


Beautiful riad aside, Marrakech itself was mind blowing, it is home to the YSL gardens, wild palaces, and incredible rugs.


And the tea! Oh the mint tea! Never in my life have I consumed so much tea in such a short amount of time, (for those of you that know me, you’ll note that is an impressive amount). The tradition behind the tea and the precision in creating it was so fantastic, it was explained to us that if the tea is served boiling hot, the host must want you to stay longer, enjoy relaxing and talking story, of course this would indicate that if the tea is not of boiling temperatures, the opposite would be true, thankfully all of our tea was too hot to drink and I burnt my tongue on the daily.


The medina was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, it was pure chaos, lined with fantastic artisans, foods, live animals, etc. Dodging motorbikes and donkeys became an exercise alone. The medina was a strange collection of what made this city so special, it was everything, and everyone in such a concentrated space, and I loved it.


The vibrancy of this city alone is enough to make anyone crave more. We spent every waking moment, seeing everything/doing/eating everything that we could. One of our days in Marrakech, we took a day trip up to the Atlas Mountains, we planned on going on a hike. I was incredibly naive and didn’t fully understand that this wasn’t a sweet little nature walk, no. The hike that we went on was straight up a fucking mountain (quite truthfully the most strenuous hike I’ve been on), hardly what we were prepared for, (my mother ended up hiking the mountain in a cashmere dress, but then again, she may have worn that even if she had known). Halfway through our trek, it started pouring down rain, my sister and I were beyond happy to see the rain and I had somewhat of a euphoric moment, while my father was probably silently praying that none of us would fall off of the cliffs.


Additionally I apologize for the delay in this post, I had a family affair that needed my attention.

Marrakech to me was pure beauty and truly inspiring, it charmed me, to say the least.


this perfect bathtub is from El Fenn. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little collection of moments from Marrakech, stay tuned for posts on Fes and Rabat.