Backstage at NYFW Spring 2017

Fashion week, lights lace and snow? This year’s NYFW had us in for some weather related costume changes everything from blizzard to sunshine to rain. An eventful weekend in the big city to say the least. It is thanks to the fabulous Aveda team that my sister (Ava) and I were able to tip-toe backstage and watch the magic that is fashion week unfold. 

Last year was my first time at NYFW, I was by some miracle able to be backstage at Leanne Marshall and then get to see the show directly following (a haven for dress lovers). I was in awe and transfixed.

This year my sister tagged along to be backstage at Hellessy, Tibi, and Public School. Every show was incredibly different backstage though one thing that seemed stagnant was the lack of creative freedom or efforts in general in regards to hair for these shows. Yes, I understand that it’s about the CLOTHES and not the hair but damn. You’d think that by now we’d be over the ‘soft blowout’ or ‘low ponytail’ but no kids, these mundane looks are still as alive as ever. The hair team, of course did a fabulous job, I was just disappointed to see such non-editorial looks being presented (I’m of course only talking about the hair and makeup). The clothes themselves were stunning, from what I saw, sadly Ava and I were not able to be out on the floor and see the shows happening. In terms of each show, Hellessy was fabulous and Aveda was a dream to us, it was honestly pretty chill backstage, in massive contrast to the show I went to last season where it seemed no one could catch a breath. The next day we headed to Tibi, another scene entirely, much more crowded, crazy and we left after a short time (probably our least favorite visit) it was hot and not much room to move about, the street seemed a much more inviting place to go, and grab a cappuccino instead. Our last day Ava and I went to Public School. Wow okay they are doing some cool shit let me say. First off, when we walked in I noticed a few people wearing ‘Make America New York’ hats which I would later find out were used in the actual show and scored them some serious political points. This show felt the most ‘fashion week-y’ in the sense that there were some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen mixed with some of the most stressed out media people, accompanied by Patrick Starrr and party bois straggling in late to sit down and were suddenly modeling I guess and there was music, the music helps so much I cannot say that enough. 

As for us, Ava and I played ‘influencers’ for the weekend and got to play around backstage with the other bloggers, and the social media obsessed. The one thing I will say about that experience is that some (not all I’m sure) but some large chunk of the population that runs around backstage treats your following (we’re talking instagram numbers here) as a currency of status. Like I straight up had people come up to me and say ‘so who are you’ *looks at follower count, walks away* or rather *sashays away*. This is all fine and good but it was a slap in the face, I gotta say. When you have someone come up to you saying ‘so, are you anyone/worthy of my time’ of course I want to say YES I am Coco and I can offer you sub-par conversation and a dry as hell sense of humor, but in the end, no, I guess I’m not what they were looking for. Bummer. 

OKAY NOW THE FUN PART. This is the part where I brag that if Ava and I can do one thing and one thing only, we can dress ourselves and put on some makeup worthy of gods, (a trait encouraged at a young age, I assure you). 

Below you will find a diaristic-like collection of images of us (because we are vain) and more importantly of what being backstage at NYFW looks like.