Fall Skincare

As fall is deepening leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are probably thriving in their seasonal glory over in the U.S. and our skin all starts to shift with the weather. I want to approach this from less of a vanity perspective and just try to be real about the challenges that come with the switch in seasons especially going into winter and what I do about it. Over the years I’ve had people ask me about my skincare and simultaneously over the years I’ve been hitting up Juut Salonspa (biggest fangirl right here) for probably more facials than any person actually needs and talking with my sweet sweet estheticians about the same things and I think I’ve found a great balance for myself. Of course my routine is something that works for me and might work for you or maybe won’t but I’m here to share anyways. Also I feel like with all of this instagram marketing happening paid product recommendations are literally flooding my feed and so just for kicks gonna add that I’m not being paid to talk about any of these products (yes, shockingly aveda does not pay me). 



I guess that I’ll start by saying that in the summer I’m very minimal about skincare and makeup. It’s usually hot out so I kind of stick to hydrosol sprays (rose is the best obviously because roses are literal magic). I use them as both a toner and just basic hydration to balance the pH of my skin and keep me super refreshed.

Fall into winter though is when I get my shit together and follow a stupidly rigorous regime to keep myself glow-y as possible which means less makeup which means more time to sleep in the morning. 

Okay below is the thing I do when I do the thing every. single. day. (almost)


As soon as I wake up I dry brush my face with the aveda tulasara dry brush followed by a few pumps of the aveda’s oliation oil which I leave on for 5-10 minutes while I heat up a tea pot and start making breakfast. After a few minutes I rinse off the oil using warm water so that not all of the oil leaves my face and I’m left with this like perfect soft dew that smells like heaven and will keep me hydrated as can be. The dry brushing actually changed my life. I’ve been hearing about how I should dry brush my body for circulation and whatever else. I kind of blew that whole idea off forever until aveda launched their new line of skincare. After the much anticipated release of the rumored magic products that were hitting the shelves I got the whole line and decided to try it out. The dry brushing essentially buffs away any dry skin and promotes circulation to give you a #youthfulglo, when you follow it with the oil it pretty much makes your skin super duper baby soft. I can honestly say that if I forget to dry brush one morning I feel it throughout the day, like my skin feels icky and my makeup never looks as good, especially in the winter when everything is constantly dry. 


Next I use the aveda tulasara calm serum which helps alleviate any redness that I might have. 


Then I spray aveda’s botanical kinetics toning mist which is super just refreshing and yummy


The last step before makeup is I apply aveda’s energizing eye cream to trick everyone that I got in my 8+ hours of sleep + glossier's priming moisturizer which is an actual dream and totally lives up to the hype. Super hydrating and buildable and perfect for under makeup or just alone to leave you with an effortless dewy look.




this is something that I know that we all know hear all of the time but it’s actually so terrible to wake up with mascara cemented to your face and the zit that you loathe because *if you had just taken the 3 seconds to wipe off your makeup, regardless of how drunk or tired or lazy you were you wouldn’t have that damn zit*

I use aveda botanical kinetics gel cleanser year round. I’ve been told that it could be drying but I’ve never not loved it. As an extra fun step I hit it with some clarisonic action (I use the mia fit) for 1000x more cleaning and exfoliating and more makeup removal because it somehow never seems to actually come off. Then rinse that off with warm water per ushe. 


Next I use *sometimes when I’m feeling extra* aveda acne relief pads just for fun. Followed by the aveda tulasara bright serum


Last step at night is the aveda tulasara wedding mask + aveda tulasara eye cream so that I go to bed feeling like a queen and wake up looking fresh as hell and ready for the day.